Long-distance cycling using a road bike is one of the fun activities. At that time, a water bottle was one of the most important pieces of equipment you could carry around to keep you hydrated. Currently, there are various sizes, functions, and types of drinking bottles available on the market for road bikes. However, can you choose a product that suits your needs? This time we will discuss the points that you should pay attention to in choosing the best cycling water bottle.

Water bottles for road bikes are available in various sizes, types, and additional uses. First of all, we will provide tips for choosing the right drinking bottle. Take the following points as a reference.

Choose one that can be gripped with one hand
The point to keep in mind when choosing a water bottle for a road bike is its ability to be used with one hand. This will make it easier for you to drink water while continuing to cycle. Of course, it will be difficult if you have to stop every time you want to drink because the bottle is not practical. Sometimes, there are also products that say “for road bikes”, but are actually designed to be used at rest. Therefore, examine this first point carefully.

Choose by bottle size
There are various capacities and sizes of drinking bottles for road bikes. We will explain the points to consider to choose the right capacity for you.

Image Product Details   Price
bestcyclingwaterbottle_4 Spurcycle – “Catch Up” Water Bottle – Original Artwork
– Purist Technology
– MoFlo Cap
– Keeps you hydrated
– 22 Ounces
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bestcyclingwaterbottle_5 Nubesof Bike Water Bottle Holder – ULTRA LIGHT
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bestcyclingwaterbottle_6 OstWony 2PCS Bicycle Water Bottle Cages – Excellent choice
– Easy to operate
– Special design
– Wide use
– Our Service
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Compare Pros & Cons Embrava Sports Water Bottle


  • This is the perfect water bottle for outdoor activities
  • Durable construction
  • It keeps the contents cold and warm for long periods
  • No use of any harmful chemicals for your body or the environment
  • The one-handed functioning of this bottle is excellent for people on the go


  • The lid of the bottle tends to sweat in a warm climate

Products suitable for hot or cold weather
When cycling long distances, it is important to maintain water intake to avoid dehydration. However, the volume of water needed by each person is different. Make sure you know the volume of water needed before choosing the right water bottle. The volume of water required is often different, depending on the air temperature and weather. This is even more important if you like to do shower riding. This is a cycling technique by pouring water from a drinking bottle into the body when the weather is hot. Of course, you will need more water if you intend to do shower riding.

Pay attention to the presence of bottle caps
Some drinking bottles for road bikes have lids and some don’t. The most common type is a water bottle without a cap. Although more practical, dust and dirt easily enter the bottle. Therefore, be careful when using this type. On the other hand, the type of drinking bottle with a lid has extra protection against dust and dirt. You don’t have to worry about the bottle getting dirty, even when cycling through muddy areas. However, this type of water bottle is more difficult to use when pedaling a bicycle. You may have to stop your pace every time you want to drink. Choose the type that is most comfortable and suitable for you to use.

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