The best cycling water bottle such as GYJ Cycling Bottle is one of the important attributes that must be owned, especially for those who like long-distance cycling. Bringing your own water bottle will certainly prevent cyclists from becoming dehydrated in the middle of the trip. This can happen because it is not uncommon for cyclists to take routes far from settlements. Currently, there are many factories that issue various types of bicycle drinking bottles. Of course with its own function, size, and advantages.

One of the things that need to be considered before deciding to buy a GYJ Cycling Bottle is its use. It is important for cyclists to ensure that the bottle purchased can be easily gripped with one hand. This is to simplify the process of using it. A drinking bottle that is too big and difficult to grip will certainly make it difficult when you have to drink in the middle of a bicycle trip. So, before buying a bicycle drinking bottle, first, check whether the bottle can be easily gripped or not.

Size is also important to consider when choosing a bicycle drinking bottle. The size of the bottle can be used as a benchmark for how much water will be needed during the trip. If you travel by bicycle for a long-distance, of course, a large bottle can be an option, and vice versa. The weather at the time of cycling can also determine which bottle size to choose. When the air is hot, of course, the intake of water needed by the body will increase. If the weather is cooler, a small bottle can meet the water intake in the body.

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Compare Pros & Cons Coleman Autoseal FreeFlow Stainless Steel


  • Coleman has used BPA-free materials
  • The protective spout will keep the mouth of the bottle free from any germs
  • With AutoSeal you don’t have to deal with any spills during your sips
  • The double-walled construction makes the bottle properly insulated


  • You have to press a button for opening the valve each time you sip

A semi-transparent bottle will make it easier for cyclists to check the amount of water in it. This will make it easier to regulate how much water is enough to hydrate the body during the trip. If the bottle is not semi-transparent of course the amount of water in it can only be estimated by weight. This of course cannot be used as a benchmark, because sometimes the weight of the bottle itself also affects. Therefore, semi-transparent bottles are much better to use as drinking bottles when cycling.

For GYJ Cycling Bottle, the function is important. The thermal insulation function will help to keep the temperature of the drink cold or warm. Thermal insulation bottles are also much better than plastic bottles. Cyclists can choose a thermos bottle or a bottle that only has thermal insulation material. Thermos-type bottles are certainly better able to maintain the temperature of the water inside, but they are much heavier in size. This type of bottle will certainly hamper the speed of cycling because it adds to the load on the bike.

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